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Gaming Top Talent is an online investment initiative for game developers working on original games for mobile phones
This is a global competition open to developers based anywhere in the world
Three batches of applicants will be accepted and prize winners will be selected in the final round at the end of the year: Check Timeline


Win a Publishing deal

Win publishing deals from top mobile publishers who have watched your game evolve over the course of the contest

Secure Funding

Win capital investment from global investors to help you grow and build better games

Save time, Focus on development

Minimal disruption to your development schedule means you spend more time on your game and less on chasing business partners and users

Improve Discovery

Raise your game’s pre-launch visibility and build a fan base through our dedicated broadcasting channels

Game Mentoring

Iterate and improve your game through targeted hands on advice from experienced game specialists

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  • March 2016

    Round 1: Applications Open

    Online applications open with the first of three batches closing on April 20th. Further batches will be selected in May and June. Live audition also begin (game demos and pitches).

  • July 2016

    Round 2: Knockout Rounds Begin - Down to 50

    Studios selected for the knockout stages are given monthly feedback on their progress by game professionals. Their games are featured on online broadcasts on Twitch, Youtube channels and other major platforms.

  • October 2016

    Round 3: 10 left standing

    After four knockout stages, judges and online viewers work to select the 10 studios to move onto the Grand Finale.

  • November 2016

    Final Round: Grand Finale

    Grand Finale where winners are selected in various categories as determined by judges.


Submission Guidelines

Selection Criteria

  • The prototype of your game needs to be sufficiently representative of your end product.
  • The submitted game must not have been launched into any markets as yet (titles in soft launch will be considered).
  • The game needs to be completed before the end of the finals. If your team cannot finish the game before the deadline, your game will be disqualified from the finals.
  • Your game should not be available in the market already. Your game should not be launched before the finals of the Contest.
  • The initial download size of your game should be between 30MB to 200MB.
  • Your team must be incorporated by the time you reach the final rounds. We reserve the right to disqualify your entry if you do not have an official legal entity at that time.
  • We typically expect that teams should be no larger than 20 members, however we will evaluate each studio on a case by case basis.
  • Your team must own the full rights to your submission, including the licenses to the software that the submission was written in. If you do not own the rights to parts of your submission, you need to inform us, and obtain permission from the owner to use the material in the Contest.
  • You/ Your Team must own the IP for your submission. Your game should be a game developed for smart phone devices and be free to play
  • Your team must ensure your game complies with Singaporean Law. The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify a team should the content appear morally questionable.
  • The Organizers reserves the right to make changes to these rules as necessary.

How to Qualify for the Contest

  1. Read the Official Release Form;
  2. Submit your online application

IMPORTANT: We will host pitch sessions at these game conventions. You are not required to physically attend our live auditions.

Submission Materials:

  1. Completed Application Form below;
  2. A prototype of your game, either in apk or iap format;
  3. A presentation deck describing your team and the game you are submitting;
  4. A gameplay Video
  5. Note: All submission material must be in English and should be submitted within 3 business days of completing the application form.

Applications will close in June 2016 and may close earlier depending on the number of applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated April 11th 2016

Q. Who can join the competition?

Gaming Top Talent is open to all developers, including independent studios and small game companies. Studios who are working on their first title, studios with several titles under their belt, studios which have traditionally been work for hire but would like to launch orginal IP, all are welcome to apply to GTT.

Q. Do I need to attend a live pitch to enter the contest?

No you do not need to attend a live pitch to enter GTT. It can sometimes be helpful for you to be able to present face to face and so if you have an opportunity to do so then we would recommend it but you are free to just apply online through the website.

Q. What are the prizes? Is it a reward or an investment?

The major prizes can include a mix of investment capital for the studios as well as publishing deals from mobile publishers. We will be awarding multiple prizes at the end of the contest. Once the winners have been announced, a standard investment valuation process will be conducted and the final terms will be decided based on the merit of the team, games and overall market potential; the terms will be discussed with all the winners and mutually agreed upon.

Q. Will my game be launched by the end of the event?

Yes, if the game is commercially ready to launch. Prize winners will work with the publishers to determine the optimal launch date. If you are knocked out of the contest, we would request you wait 14 business days before pursuing other publishing options. You may have been knocked out of the contest, but our publishing partners may still be interested in working with you.

Q. Can I enter a game which is based on a popular IP?

As per the conditions of the contest, you are free to use any commercial IP you own or to which you hold the legitimate license for at least 3 years and onward with renewable options.

Q. What kind of time commitment would you expect from me?

Time commitment will be minimal for most studios and will typically be around an hour a month. We want you to focus on making the best game possible without disruption. Mentor feedback wil be provided online on a monthly basis. If you are selected for the grand finale we would like you to send a representative to take part.

Q. Will there be different prizes for specific categories?

GTT is a bit different from other traditional game award shows. If you get involved in GTT you have mutliple chances to win real monetary rewards, find a great publisher to work with and increase your visibility with gamers, media and online influencers. We will consider adding specialised categories and 'industry' awards further down the line.

Q. Why did the organisers create the competition?

We are always looking for new ways to discover and nurture new talent in gaming around the world. Securing financing or publishing and getting the word out about your game are some of the biggest challenges for small studios and indies and this is where we feel GTT can make a difference.

Q. We already launched our game in some markets but are not happy with results. Can we still apply for the contest with this title?

We can still accept your game if: a) the game is still only on soft launch in specific countries and you want to fine-tune the game before a global launch or b) the game was released but you would like to pull the title from the stores and make serious changes and relaunch.

Q. What sort of content will GTT gaming influencers broadcast from the contest?

The gaming influencers are experts at showcasing games and getting their viewers to interact with the games they are playing. Our partners have more than 20m subscribers with over 100m video views a month, which means they can be a lot of help in finding early users for your game. Raising awareness before you launch your title can make a massive difference when the time comes to do a full release.

Q. Who are these mentors and advisers?

They are people from the game industry with strong industry knowledge, who have given of their time to help you make a better game. They undertand the judging requirements and will be trying to help you win the contest.

Q. What are the you looking for in the contest?

We will announce more details soon but, generally speaking, we will have many of the same expectations as investors and publishers you would speak to at events. We are looking for games which have solid game loops, good user retention, are commercially viable and most importantly are a lot of fun to play.